#WITMonth #9: Gliding Flight

Gieles is 14 and lives with his father and uncle on an old farm next to the landing strip of an airport. His father is responsible for keeping any birds of the runways, and his uncle enthusiastically manages a campground for “plane spotters.” Gieles is longing for affection from his mother, who is always away on hopeless missions to save the world from starvation, leaving her family alone for weeks and months at a time. As the houses in the area threaten to disappear because of new noise regulations and the relationship between Gieles’s parents deteriorates, the boy conceives a desperate plan to try to reconnect his parents: Secret Rescue Mission 3032…

Gliding Flight is a story about flying, friendship, and fighting for your dreams.

Author: Anne-Gine Goemans
Translator: Forest-Flier Editorial Services
Publisher: World Editions


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