#WITMonth #2: Dry Season

Dry Season is a record of an unusual love affair. Anna is a 62-year-old designer from Slovenia and Ismael is a 27-year-old from Burkino Faso who was brought up on the street, where he was often the victim of abuse. What unites them is the loneliness of their bodies, a tragic childhood and the dry hamartan season, during which neither nature nor love is able to flourish. Anna soon realizes that the emptiness between them is not really caused by their skin color and age difference, but predominantly by her belonging to the Western culture in which she has lost or abandoned all the preordained roles of daughter, wife and mother. Sex does not outstrip the loneliness and repressed secrets from the past surface into a world she sees as much crueller and, at the same time, more innocent than her own. Cleverly written as an alternating narrative of both sides in the relationship, the novel is interlaced with magic realism.

Author: Gabriela Babnik
Translator: Rawley Grau
Publisher: Istros Books



  1. I like the way you are highlighting some lesser-known writers through your WIT Month reads – well, lesser-known to me anyway! Out of interest, how did you hear about this one? It does sound very compelling…

  2. This is a challenging read, but my god, that ending! I don’t think I have ever been caught off guard as effectively as I was with that. I read a very early PDF proof, some day I would like to go back and read the print copy. I have certainly never forgotten this book.

      • It is a strange mix of metafiction (the characters sometimes talk as if they know they are in a novel) and African magic realist style (the author wrote her MA on Nigerian lit). It is worth sticking with for the shocking end, and although I read and love many books only to forget them in a week, this book has stuck with me in a strong, positive way.

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