Which Book?

Last week, I discovered the blog Green Gables State of Mind, and through it, the book Dispatches from Pluto by Richard Grant. When I searched the library catalog to see whether it was available, I was rather amazed by the number of Dispatches I could choose from: Dispatches from the Eastern Front, Dispatches from the Occupation, Dispatches from Bermuda, Dispatches from the Edge.

Who knew that “Dispatches” was such a popular word for book titles? That led me down a rabbit hole, so, for your amusement and mine, I created this…

  1. Would you rather be in Brooklyn, or in Another Brooklyn?
  2. Would you rather have A Walk to Remember, or A Night to Remember?
  3. Would you rather spend Midnight at the Pera Palace, or Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil?
  4. Would you rather be Roughing It in general, or Roughing It in the Bush?
  5. Pamela? Or Shamela?
  6. Patriarchy? Or Matriarchy?
  7. Would you rather meet the Devil in the White City, or the Devil in the Grove?
  8. 1421? Or 1434? (Does it make a difference, in a non-historical sense?)
  9. Are you Born to Run, or Born to Battle?
  10. Would you prefer The Lost City of Z, or The Lost City of the Monkey God?
  11.  The Sea? or The Sea, the Sea?

So, which book? (Or do you prefer Which Witch?)



  1. This was hilarious! Now you’ve got me looking for more pairs…off the top of my head I’d say “Fifty Shades of Grey” (we all know what that is) and “Between Shades of Gray” (haven’t read it, but it sounds quite a respectable historical novel and perhaps should have been considered for a different title).

  2. This is cool. I have many of the same titles, but not Pamela and Shamela, funny! I have both Lost City titles but have yet to get to them; they’re right up my alley though.

  3. Love this!

    I’m Born to Run – the Bruce Springsteen version, ha ha!

    I’ve always wanted to read Iris Murdoch but haven’t yet. Have you read anything by her? What would you recommend?

    • Read Born to Run, and you will be convinced that you should be an ultra-marathon runner! At least that is what happened to me (until I finished the book…). 🙂
      I haven’t read anything by Iris Murdoch yet. Somehow, I am intimidated by her books…

  4. Love this! I’m always surprised when I find multiple books with the *same* title. For one thing, it gets me all excited to think that the library has the book I’m looking for… and then they don’t… just one with the same title. But when I was little I used to think that books weren’t allowed to have the same title! I can’t help but still feel like they shouldn’t. 🙂 Would the world run out of titles to use?

    • The worst is if you think you found the book you were looking for, and then it turns out to be a cheesy romance novel! (Nothing against cheesy romance novels…) Sometimes I wonder if writers ever check to see if the title they want to use is already taken and if they do, what is the thought process when they decide to use a title that is already taken by a book with a completely different story. Maybe we should use our executive power to make a new law: No more identical book titles!

  5. Haha! Great fun! Hmm – I may have to write a book called The Sea, The Sea, The Sea! I love Pamela/Shamela, and I’d definitely quite like to have A Night to Remember. But I’d rather not Rough It anywhere, thanks very much! 😉

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