Time to Take Another Classic for a Spin

The Classics Club Spin is back! I missed the last one, so I am even more excited for this one. Here are the 20 titles I picked, listed in order of publication date. On March 10, I’ll find out which book I’m going to read. I wouldn’t mind getting any of the ones I’ve included. Do you have a favorite on this list?

  1. The Vicar of Wakefield, Oliver Goldsmith, 1728
  2. Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, 1818
  3. North and South, Mary Gaskell, 1855
  4. Lady Audley’s Secret, Mary Elizabeth Bradden, 1862
  5. Middlemarch, George Eliot, 1871
  6. A Country Doctor, Sarah Orne Jewett, 1884
  7. The Awakening, Kate Chopin, 1899
  8. The Story Girl, L. M. Montgomery, 1911
  9. The Secret Garden, Frances Burnett, 1911
  10. Emily of New Moon, L. M. Montgomery, 1923
  11. So Big, Edna Ferber, 1924
  12. The Luck of the Bodkins, P. G. Wodehouse, 1935
  13. Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier, 1938
  14. Black Narcissus, Rumer Godden, 1939
  15. Gigi, Colette, 1944
  16. The Living Is Easy, Dorothy West, 1948
  17. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, CS Lewis, 1950
  18. Memento Mori, Muriel Spark, 1959
  19. Watership Down, Richard Adams, 1972
  20. The Women of Brewster Place, Gloria Naylor, 1982


  1. I think the Spin number was 12, so you got Luck of the Bodkins. I don’t know that one, but Wodehouse is pretty reliably good. We should have a Wodehouse-a-thon event sometime! Emily of New Moon, Watership Down, and The Secret Garden are all childhood favorites so I do hope you get to those sooner rather than later.

  2. Great list – I love the variety. North and South and The Secret Garden are both long favorites of mine–both books I plan to reread at some point. I hope you get one you love!

  3. I think all of these sound good (though I’ve read very few of them myself). But, of course, my hopes are for Emily or The Story Girl! I do also love The Secret Garden!

    • My beautiful editions of the Emily books arrived from Canada last week. While I won’t be able to catch up on your read-along, I would like to read the books (or at least the first one) sooner rather than later. But really, I’d like to read any of these books. Eventually…

  4. I love Frankenstein, Lady Audley’s Secret, The Secret Garden, Rebecca, The Lion…etc and Watership Down. Not so fond of North and South. You have quite an interesting list ahead of you. Good luck with the spin.

  5. Hahahaha, for your sake I hope that you are spared Lady Audley’s Secret. It is very VERY silly, and I say that as a huge fan of Gothic fiction in general. I am hoping for either Emily of New Moon or Watership Down, those are two of my all-time favorites!

  6. Ooh, Frankenstein’s no. 2 on my list too – it would be fun to get that and compare notes when we review! Otherwise, I hope you get either Rebecca or Black Narcissus since I’ve read and loved both of them fairly recently. Good luck!

    • You are so good with reading the classics! I wish I could stick with a list, but for the past year, I’ve been reading first and then adjusting my list. I guess the important part here is that I keep reading…

      • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think the rules explicitly say it’s all right. I have changed one of the books on my list, but frankly sometimes I wish I’d been more adventurous and picked more books I hadn’t read before. On my next list, I don’t think I have any books I read before.

  7. I love North & South, Rebecca, The Secret Garden, and anything by LM Montgomery. I just finished re-reading Emily of New Moon (which I read with my twins). Now, I’m reading Emily Cliimbs (without my twins) as part of the #ReadingEmily read-along.

    • Sadly, I don’t have the time at the moment to officially fully commit to #ReadingEmily, but both your and Naomi’s post about Emily of New Moon have made me want to read it. (I did order the three Emily books from Canada, because I wanted a particular edition, so I better read them…!)

  8. I’ve read 9 of those. It’s a nice mixture of children’s and adult classics. I think I’d be most intrigued to try Ferber or Wodehouse, who would both be new-to-me authors.

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