March 15, 2016: A Day in My Life


4:30: Get up; get washed; check the news. I have my first cup of coffee and listen to the silence. It’s heavenly.
5:00: Wake up the husband; pack lunch for the kids; fold some laundry; iron some shirts; get dressed.
6:15: Wake up the kids; drag them downstairs. They bicker over who will sit in which chair. Apparently, that matters.
6:45: Remind kids it’s time to finish breakfast and get ready. General astonishment, “get ready for what?” Get ready for school, just like EVERY SINGLE MORNING! In the bathroom, kids compete over who can best imitate the opening song to The Lion King.

This is how it looks on an organized morning….

7:15: Quick, grab your bags, get in the car. Got your gym stuff? Got your book report? The library books are due today. WHERE ARE THE LIBRARY BOOKS?
7:20: Explain again why I would not spend $70 on a costume to wear during a 3-minute book report that does not require a costume.
7:25: Drop off Kid #1 and Kid #2. Wrestle Kid #3 back into the car. We’re early, so I can take the slightly longer way to work, the one with the pretty views.

Start singing this song until Kid #3 complains. (Song starts around 1:25.)

It’s foggy, so the views aren’t so nice. But I can see that the daffodils are just two or three days from fully blooming. Spring is coming! Then we’re stuck behind a school bus. We’re no longer early.

This bus picks up ALL the kids.

7:35: Explain the difference between asparagus and esophagus. Explain the difference between gargoyle and goggles. Listen to lecture about the difference between lion’s mane jellyfish and immortal jellyfish. (???)
7:50: Drop off Kid #3.
8:00: Arrive at work. On Tuesdays, I start early because I leave early. Check agenda and e-mail. Check work-related news. Check government websites.

The window is the highlight of my work space.

8:30: Trying to ignore hypochondriac co-worker who is convinced her crooked spine is… No, not listening, not listening! Work, work, work.
10:00: Meeting with Marketing. Explain again why catchy phrases should still be grammatically correct. Talk, talk, talk. Yes, there’s a difference between a hyphen and an em-dash. Talk some more. Can we please stop talking?
11:00: Quick walk during morning break.

It’s really not that hard to read while you walk. (Just don’t walk into a car; you might break your toe.)

12:30: No official lunch break today because, as I said, I am leaving early.
1:00: Sign up kids for summer camp. Checking account balance now near zero.
1:30: Work, work, work.
2:55: Phone call from school; Kid #2 ran into a wall; bruise on chin; nurse assures me there’s no need to worry. I’ll be there in an hour.
3:00: Phone call from day care; Kid #3 ran into the sink; black eye likely. I’m quickly packing up; it’s time to leave anyway.
3:05: Pick up Kid #3; yes, black eye likely. Hugs and kisses badly needed.
3:35: Pick up Kid #1 and Kid #2; yes, bruise on chin. More hugs and kisses, but carefully.
3:40: Kids insist they will starve if they don’t get a snack right this minute. Quick stop at home to get cereal bars and water.
4:15: Arrive at church for CEC classes. Why are there no cars in the parking lot? Check schedule; no CEC today. Silent cursing. Usually, I drop two kids off and take the third one food shopping. Today, we’ll all have to go—woohoo. Remind myself to take deep breaths and stay calm!
4:30: No, I’m not buying raspberries. No, I’m not buying watermelon. No, I am not buying the giant bag of trail mix that seems to be mostly M&Ms.
4:35: No, I am not buying lobster. Kid #3 has a fit in front of the fish counter, wants lobster. Kid #1 starts telling fishmonger all about the eating habits of Kid #3 (which are quite peculiar).
4:40: Realize I left my shopping list in the car; trying to remember what was on it while wandering the aisles. No, I’m not getting fruit loops. No, I’m not getting chips. No, I’m not getting lunchables. Fondly remember the times when kids didn’t know about junk food. No, I’m not getting play dough either!
5:25: Wrestle kids and groceries into the car. We’ve qualified for a third free food item for Easter. (I see a lot of ham in our future.) Check shopping list; I got everything except butter and corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe I can somehow claim that I skipped them on purpose?
5:45: Arrive home; husband already cooking dinner; kids clamoring to help.


There’s no way I can avoid admitting that I forgot the shopping list in the car AGAIN. Yes, I know it would have been better to just stick it into my purse. Suddenly, Kid #2 remembers bruise on chin, needs ice RIGHT NOW. Kid #3 bouncing off wall, apparently trying to get a second black eye.
5:50: Announce that kids are signed up for summer camp; lots of happy screaming. Checking account balance suddenly less important.
6:00: Dinner, homework check, play time, cuddle time, book time.
7:30: Time for bed; yes, everyone needs to brush teeth; yes, I know you already did it once today.
8:00: Kids asleep; kitchen to clean (sigh).
8:50: Husband asleep; shall I clean the bathroom? (I should; another sigh.)
9:10: Me Time! Oh sh**, I forgot to drop off the library books; quickly renew library books online.
9:15: NOW it’s Me Time.

My dad would be proud of this perfectly poured black-and-tan!

10:15: Bedtime.


Thank you, Trish, for organizing this event again. Check out Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity for links to other bloggers’ posts.



  1. The chaos of your day made me giggle. You sure had to do a lot of explaining before you even got to work in the morning. Love all things you had to not buy at the grocery store when accompanied by the clamoring hordes, too. Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. I love singing in the car and embarrassing our kids too! As I’ve been reading all these posts, I am amazed at how early we all get up in the morning….we I THOUGHT 6:00 was early, but you are a rock star! I don’t know how you make it til 10:00! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your day!

  3. Your mornings are much like mine, including the up early to have a quiet moment part. I’m gonna be the last one to post my day, because I can’t seem to find time to put pictures in!

  4. Love this TJ! And I can so relate to all of this. Except the grocery store bit because the ONE time I attempted to take all three kids to the grocery store my middle (2.5) threw a fit beforehand, threw her shoes into the parking lot, and screamed her head off. I dropped her off at home and just took the other two. LOL!

    Love the conversation about the differences between gargoyles and goggles, asparagus and esophagus. And WOW you get up early!! But that morning quiet does sound nice. Maybe one day I’ll follow suit. Maybe.

  5. “Explain again why catchy phrases should still be grammatically correct. ” i’m the director of communications at my organization and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to do this too. Your trip to the grocery store with your kids was cracking me up! And that black and tan looked perfect!

  6. Sometimes that beer at the end of the day….tells you it was all worth it!
    Lobster? I can’t even remember the last time I had it….
    What color is a lobster these days?

  7. I love all the asides you make about your conversation/day with your kids. It made me laugh. I don’t have kids, but I have many nieces and nephews and it reminded me of spending my day with them. Do you get up at 4:30 every morning?! I’d die!!! I have a hard enough time getting up by 9:00. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Your day reminds me of when my kids were little. I’m always forgetting to take books back to the library in time, and having to renew online.

  9. Okay I died laughing at the summer camp comment! I had been going back and forth on it with signing up the youngest for summer camp and was actually leaning towards no until I picked him up from school on one of THOSE days. I signed him up immediately. I’m impressed that you got everything but 2 items. Shopping with 3 kids is no joke. Fun post!

  10. I am cracking up over the grocery store conversations and the explanations at 7:35am. Those are the best kinds of things about having kids. Even if the grocery store thing is annoying in that moment. 😀

  11. Wow. Two injuries with calls. Grocery shopping. So many things. Thanks for sharing your busy life with us. I laughed and laughed. Love the fact that you have a window at work. And that you get a little walk – with book. I’d fall down – I have 2 left feet – but good for you! 🙂

  12. Your “getting ready for school” recounting sounds awfully familiar. Why is it so hard for them to remember the things they do every single day?!?!

    Thanks for sharing your day!!

    • I used to sleep in on the weekends until the kids woke me up, but now when I try to cuddle with them, they just start to bicker over who hogs the blankets. Then I get grumpy. So it’s better for all involved if I just get up on my own terms. They still find stuff to bicker over, but at least I’m better prepared to deal with it. 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness, 4.30am is very early! Do you get up at this time every weekday or are Tuesdays an exception to the rule? I enjoyed reading about your day – I bet you were ready for that drink in the evening. 🙂

    • Sometimes, I feel bad that my kids have to get up fairly early in the mornings because I have to get to work. So they have to go to bed early, or they will be far too grouchy. My kids are pretty good overall, but taking them all shopping by myself is always an adventure.

  14. Heh, my husband and I argue over how the opening of the Lion King song goes as well. It’s important to have standards for how slippery you can be on lyrics. I’m anal about it, he’s happy-go-whatever-comes-to-mind.

    • The funny thing is that I often have trouble understanding song lyrics. I think it’s because English is my second language. So I am happy to just make something up, which drives my kids crazy. In the end, though, my only requirement is that no matter what words are used, they are sung with an indoor voice. That is definitely the biggest challenge for the kiddos.

  15. I don’t even think 4:15 qualifies as morning. I think it’s still the middle of the night. When the cats wake me up at 5:00am (which they do quite often), I’m always relieved that I have a little more time to sleep. From now on I will be thinking, “TJ is already up!”
    Just to warn you, even when your kids are older they will still act as if they have never done the morning or bedtime routine ever before in their lives. Sigh. And they will never stop asking for junk food at the store, BUT you won’t always need to take them with you anymore! Yay!
    I loved this post!

    • I don’t want to claim that I always get out of bed easily, but I love my quiet time in the morning. Especially in the summer, when I get sit on the deck and listen to the birds. It is so peaceful and helps me stay balanced. My husband keeps reminding me that soon enough I will have to beg my children to talk to me. I’m skeptical because all three are such talkers (they don’t even stop talking when they are sleeping). But I definitely am already dreading September, when it’s going to be just me in the car. No more lectures about odd creatures…

      • It is very different once they are all in school, but it’s amazing how quickly we get used to something (and then it changes again!).

    • You get used to getting up early, although being a morning person makes it much easier. Plus, I have more patience if I’ve had my quiet time and then our mornings run much smoother. So I am happy to give up a little bit of sleep.

    • Thank you, Deepika. I can tell you though that there are days when I certainly don’t feel like a star. I get to work and ask myself how it can be that I’ve been up for 4 hours already and really have nothing to show for it.

  16. Haha! “Explain again why catchy phrases should still be grammatically correct.” Brilliant! Whoo, you had a busy day – you deserve that drink! Thanks for the entertainment… 😀

    • Sometimes, I’m afraid I might be fighting a losing battle when it comes to proper grammar. Then I sound like a mom at work, too, when I remind people that someone else’s misuse of proper pronouns doesn’t give you permission to make the same mistake. 🙂 No wonder I need a drink at the end of the day!

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