Spin Me a Book, Classics Club


It’s time for another Classics Club Spin. I have yet to write the review for my last spin book, but that won’t stop me from participating again. So here’s my list, and on Monday, I’ll find out which one to read. Do I have a preference? Not really. Kid #1 just read The Secret Garden and assured me that it was so good she would read it again with me. That would be nice. But I’m actually looking forward to reading any one of these books.

  1. Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale
  2. Mary Austen, The Land of Little Rain
  3. Elizabeth Bowen, To the North
  4. Vera Brittain, A Testament of Youth
  5. Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden
  6. Fanny Burney, Cecilia
  7. Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca
  8. Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South
  9. Helen Hunt Jackson, Ramona
  10. Sarah Orne Jewett, The Country of the Pointed Firs
  11. Gertrude Bell, A Woman in Arabia: the Writings of the Queen of the Desert
  12. Helen MacInnes, Assignment in Brittainy
  13. Nellie McClung, Purple Springs
  14. Nancy Mitford, Love in a Cold Climate
  15. Agatha Christie, Murder at the Vicarage
  16. Mildred Walker, Winter Wheat
  17. Sylvia Townsend Warner, Summer Will Show
  18. Edith Wharton, The Custom of the Country
  19. Elizabeth von Arnim, Enchanted April
  20. Dorothy West, The Living Is Easy





  1. Thank you so much for ‘like’ on ‘spin blogpost’ !
    I waited to the very last minute….and decided to take the chance,
    Your Gaskell is a great read….I have to plunge into Greek poetry.
    Uncharterd waters,,,,

  2. What a lovely list! The Secret Garden is one of my favorites from childhood, so I’m almost rooting for that for you, but I also love North and South. Enjoy whichever you get!

  3. ‘The Secret Garden’ is the only book I have read from this list, and I really liked it.

    Waiting to know which one you are going to pick up. πŸ™‚

  4. That’s a very nice selection, TJ. Of the books on your list, I’ve read Rebecca, Love in a Cold Climate and the Agatha Christie, all very good (as far as I can recall!) The Wharton is meant to be amazing – I’m kind of hoping you end up with that one. Happy spinning. πŸ™‚

  5. What a great list!! I love that they’re all female authors. Some of my favorites from your list include Enchanted April, North and South, Rebecca, and Love in a Cold Climate. And I LOVED Winter Wheat, I don’t know anyone that’s ever read it besides me. It’s a lovely story. I also own Testament of Youth but it’s not on my Classics Club list. I’m thinking about reading it for the Back to the Classics Challenge, though.

    Good luck with your Spin pick!

  6. You have some of favorites …I love North and South and I was mesmerized by Enchanted April. The Handmaid’s Tale is another one of those brilliant works of dystopia, before the word became fashionable! Happy reading with whatever is finally selected for on monday! πŸ™‚

  7. That’s a great list. I would be hoping for Rebecca, The Handmaid’s Tale or The Enchanted April. A lot of the others are new to me, so I’ll be interested to hear more about them if you get one of those.

  8. There are quite a few on here I would like to read. If you haven’t read The Handmaid’s Tale yet, though, then I’m hoping you’ll get that one!

  9. I just read The Country of the Pointed Firs for the Reading New England Challenge. It made me interested in seeking out more of Jewett’s work. You have some other lovely choices – The Enchanted April and Love in a Cold Climate are delightful, and of course The Secret Garden is a longtime favorite. Happy spinning!

  10. I would choose 4, 8, and 18. I haven’t read 4 yet, but I’m just dying to! It’s nice to see Helen MacInnes’ name around some blogs. I remember liking her books but she disappeared into oblivion for awhile. I must pull out her books again soon. All the best with your spin!

    • I would be very happy with Edith Wharton! I never knew about MacInnes until late last year, when I found one of her books and couldn’t resist. It has such a typical Fifties cover. It was great to find out how many people liked to read her books.

  11. What a nice selection! I’ve read a number of them, and I think they’d all be fun to read!

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