#BBAW: What I’ve Read Because of You


It’s Day 3 of Book Blogger Appreciation Week hosted by the Estella Society, and today, it’s all about the books I’ve read because of my fellow bloggers.

Naomi from Consumed by Ink

23168345Naomi is so bad for my TBR pile. She reads all the books I want to read, and all the books I didn’t know I wanted to read, too. Thanks to her, I know a little more about Canadian literature. The last books I read because of her were Our Endless Numbered Days and This Godforsaken Place.

Caroline from Beauty Is a Sleeping Cat

229001Caroline has not one, but two annual events that are right up my alley. She is a co-host of German Literature Month and also does a Literature and War Readalong. I’ve read a whole bunch of books because of her (and have a whole bunch more lined up), but the last two were Emil and the Detectives and Novel Without a Name.

FictionFan’s Book Reviews

23848047FictionFan’s reviews are always fun. I can totally relate to her soft spot for Mr. Darcy. She reads a wide variety of books, and maybe one day I have all the time I need to read all the interesting books she recommends. The last book I read because of her was Resurrection Science.

Cathy from 746 Books

8420973Cathy writes beautiful reviews, and I’ve added a number of books to my TBR because of her. We share a certain nostalgia for our childhood books. Last year, she introduced the Reading Ireland event, and I’m happy that the event is back next month. I read The Hand That First Held Mine because of her, and then I went out and purchased two more of O’Farrell’s books.

The Classics Club

1934The Classic Club’s Spins must be one of the best events out there for a classics lover. I’ve read a whole bunch of books because of the Spins, and it’s always fun to connect with others to see which classic they are reading. I’m currently reading Little Women from my Classics Club list.

Now, ask me about the books I want to read because of my fellow bloggers. No, you better not, because the list would be REALLY long. But I felt that a few honorable mentions would be in order. So here goes:

Madame de ___ because of Jacqui.
Verboten, Verfemt, Vertrieben because of Marina Sofia.
Manja because of Jane.
Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s crime novels because of German Literature Month.
My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry because of Eva.
The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine because of Lizzie.
The Romanov Sisters because of Shannon.
Ravensbrück because of Brona.




  1. I need to do another Classics Club spin. The last time I had too many other things going on, but the decks are slowly getting cleared. What an interesting and varied list of books you have there! Our fellow bloggers never cease to amaze me with their wide-ranging interests.

  2. My stack of books because of other bloggers is so, so endless. Well, maybe one day I’ll get to all of them. I need to be able to read at the speed of light, but sadly, I can’t. 🙂

  3. I agree that Naomi is bad for the TBR. But she writes so enthusiastically about CanLit that I want to read it which is SO SIGNIFICANT for me.
    Definitely read My Grandmother…Backman has another one coming out this year! I think it features a character from My Grandmother…so you need to read it. The Romanov Sisters IS SO GOOD. You HAVE to read it ASAP. It’s exquisite.

  4. Thanks so much for the mention – I’m honoured! 😀 We share a couple of mutual friends and I shall now pop over and visit the others – thanks for the introductions. I keep being tempted by the Classics Club, but I’m so hopeless at sticking to challenges. However, maybe I’ll join up someday…

    • The trick is to constantly tinker with your Classics Club list. At least that’s what I am doing. 🙂 It doesn’t feel like a challenge if I simply add the books I’ve already read. Of course that means that my list never gets any closer to completion, but oh well…

  5. What a great post, TJ! And, I don’t just say that because you mentioned me. 🙂 I say that, because I am in the middle right now of trying to write up my own post about this and I’m finding it overwhelming.
    Love the picture of your stack (especially those 2 books on the bottom, both of which I heard about from Shannon. The Ravensbruck book almost made my to-buy list over the holidays, but not quite.
    I’m happy to hear that I’m bad for your TBR, since the feeling is reciprocal. 😉

    • I have a second copy of The Romanov Sisters. Let me know if you are interested, and I’ll see if I can get it to you this summer. Oh, and I saw that you added TC Boyle’s San Miguel to your TBR. Definitely read it!

      • Valorie recommended it based on my interest in isolation and the sea.
        I will let you know about The Romanov Sisters! Maybe we can have a book swap session. 🙂

    • These were all pretty recent, so it was easy for me to still remember who recommended them. Plus, I actually bought the books. It’s different with all the book titles I’ve jotted down on various pieces of paper…

    • Sometimes, I can’t wait to retire, hahaha. I will do nothing but read. In theory, anyway. I’m just waiting for my semi-slump to be over, and then I can tackle some of these big books that are waiting for me.

  6. What a great post, and thank you for the mention! I hope you’ll be able to find time for Madame de ___ as I’d love to hear what you think of it. To return the favour, I really must get around to reading Who is Martha? later this year. Maybe I’ll try it for German Lit as it would fit right in there.

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