Library Checkouts in September


Thanks to Shannon at River City Reading, I have something to post about… my September library haul. With a huge freelance project going on, my reading has taken a backseat these past two weeks, and sadly, some most of my library books had to go back unread. But hey, I can always go back and borrow them again. Yay for libraries!

In early September, we went on vacation, so of course the kids and I had to go on a huge book haul first. I think we came home with 37 books—lots of books about Judy Moody, The Berenstain Bears, Word Bird, and Thea Stilton. We also had some National Geographic books about the weather, birds, dinosaurs, and rocks and minerals.

My Library Books:

  • A Man Called Ove, Frederik Backman (read it)
  • The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Colbert (read it)
  • Talk Nerdy to Me. The World in Facts, Stats, and Geeky Graphics, Joe Fullman (fun and entertaining)
  • The Mother of All Book Lists, William Patrick Martin (this book is DANGEROUS)
  • Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates (returned unread—this book deserves much more attention than I can give it at the moment; will borrow again soon)
  • Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K. Jerome (returned unread; will borrow again soon)
  • Frances and Bernard, Carlene Bauer (returned unread; might borrow again)
  • The Moor’s Account, Laila Lalami (returned unread; might borrow again)
  • The Bohemians: Mark Twain and the San Francisco Writers Who Reinvented Literature, Ben Tarnoff (returned unread, will borrow again)
  • Panama Fever: The Epic Story of the Building of the Panama Canal, Matthew Parker (returned unread, will borrow again)
  • Mermaids in Paradise, Lydia Millet (DNF; not my thing)

This Month’s Winners:



  1. I wanted to like A Man Called Ove more than I did. At first, I loved Ove and the story, but I eventually got bored. I felt like nothing happened for 3/4 of the book.
    Between You and Me is on my radar. I really want to get my hands on it, but like you, I don’t know if I have it in me just now to give it the attention it deserves.
    Book list books are always, always dangerous! lol

    • Too bad you didn’t like Ove. Will you give Backman’s new book a shot? And yes, book list books are dangerous. In this case not only for me, but also for the books I’d like my kids to read. 😉

  2. Oh Ove. I loved that book so much. And you just inspired me to get to the library site and put Backman’s new book on hold so thank you!

    I cannot wait to get the Crayons! My daughter’s preK class just made a new bulletin board based on The Day the Crayons Quit so I’m excited to see the art that comes home. She picked blue crayon 🙂

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who returns large quantities of books unread! Sometimes life gets in the way of more important things like reading. Or I’m not in the mood for my hold that finally came in. Good thing the library will always let us try again.

  4. It must be so fun going to the library with kids and grabbing such huge stacks! I totally know what you mean about returning books unread due to attention span – I think that’s been the diving line with many of mine recently, too.

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