#ReadingMyLibrary: Week Four

The last update for April’s #the #ReadingMyLibrary challenge, hosted by Stefani of Caught Read Handed and Amy of Read What I Like, asks us asks us how often we visit our library. Well, I visit the library at least once a week.

  1. The planned visit. There’s an event we like to attend or we have some extra time at night and stop on the way home to pick up a few new books.
  2. The unplanned visit. I put a bunch of books on hold, and they’ve all come in at once.
  3. The frantic visit. One of the kids forgot to use the bathroom before getting into the car to drive home. Since the library is exactly halfway between school and home, it’s ideal for a quick pit stop. Of course, since we’re already there, we also pick out more books.
  4. The “Only Me” visit. My library system has a great perk: OPEN BORROWING. That means that I can use my library card at most libraries around the state, not just at those that are part of my county system. How great is that?! There are two libraries I can get to during my lunch break. So when it’s raining or when something/someone at work has annoyed me, I go to the library. It’s calming, and I can browse the shelves without having to keep an eye on my kids. Often, I can find books here that my own library doesn’t have.

Not counting kids’ books, I’ve read six library books this month:

  1. Our Endless Numbered Days
  2. Miss Marvel
  3. Academy Street
  4. How to Raise a Wild Child
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  6. Citizen

I’m in the middle of the ebook edition of Brown Girl Dreaming. I also finished Ghettoside, but I started that back in March already, so I am not counting it for this challenge. I’ve kept all the check-out slips of the month, and since we’ve borrowed a lot of kids’ books this month, the grand total of money saved is $831.45. That’s pretty awesome!



  1. Holy wow, that’s a staggering amount of money saved! You guys really make the most out of the library. 🙂

    I completely understand what you mean about the library’s calming effects. I sometimes slip away on lunch break just to go and appreciate the quiet and being surrounded by books for a few minutes.

    Awesome job on six books read this month! I’m hoping to hit six before April 30, but it remains to be seen.

  2. I think the best thing about our library is that we can walk to it. It might not have all the books I want, it might not be the prettiest library, but we can get to it by foot in about 8 minutes. (It is going to be moving into a newly renovated building sometime soon, which will be so much nicer, and still within an 8 minute walking distance.)
    It’s great that your library card is good at other libraries, too. There is a gorgeous new library in Halifax, but there’s not really any reason for us to go there beyond admiring it (which we have done).
    I have Academy Street on hold right now, so I’ll be watching to see what you have to say about it!

    • That is wonderful that you can walk to the library! I envy you that 8-minute walk. We have nothing within walking distance, so everything is done by car. 😦
      I think you will like Academy Street. I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. I envy anyone living in a country where there library shelves are full of books in English.
    I rarely visit our library b/c there are books I want to read in English and not translated into Dutch!
    Classics are hard to find in English in my library. Steinbeck (Grapes of Wrath, no) Maugham (Of Human Bondage…no)…even The Tin Drum ( from our neighboring counry Germany) didn’t mange to cross the border in English. I have been using Ebooks on the Kindle more often than before. Enjoy your library!

    • I completely understand what you are saying. I don’t think there are any foreign-language books at my library, except maybe for a few Spanish titles. Even books from Canada don’t often make it across the border to us. If I want to read in German, I have to buy those books, too.

  4. I love how you’ve described your library visits! I never seem to have enough time except when I’m there for a volunteer session.

    How did you get on with Academy Street?

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