Why I Love My Library

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Today, the #ReadingMyLibrary challenge, hosted by Stefani of Caught Read Handed and Amy of Read What I Like, asks us why we love our library. Let me give you my six very simple, but very compelling reasons:

  1. I have three kids. Since I live in one of the most expensive areas of the world, I will likely have to spend over a million dollars on my offspring before I can gently nudge it out of the nest. Since I chose not to have a high-powered career, I need to save money where I can. As much as I love the idea of my very own library at home, free books and movies from the county library can’t be beat.
  2. I have three kids with very distinct tastes. At the moment, it looks as if all three kids will develop into readers. That makes my heart sing. But I’ve learned that what I like isn’t necessarily what they like. They are much more likely to read or look at the books that they pick out themselves. Each kid picks a different type of book. And if they end up not liking something, it’s painless to simply return it to the library. Much better than buying books that don’t get read.
  3. I have three kids who love to feel independent. Kid #1 suggested a few months ago that maybe, since it’s been so long since I’ve been in kindergarten or 2nd grade, I might not know the best books for kids out there these days. Pfff! But, I’ve learned to pick my battles. If they want to consult with our librarian Miss Carole to find out what’s hip for 8-year-olds right now, so be it. Thankfully, Miss Carole has an excellent taste in books.
  4. I have three kids who love to explore. With free museum passes from the library, it’s much easier to talk the husband into a weekend trip to the city.
  5. I have three kids who love to learn. I used to go to the story time for infants and toddlers, but these days, I unfortunately cannot squeeze that or the book clubs into our schedule. Still, on weekends, we like to sign up for seasonal crafts, little concerts, and other child-friendly events like “All About Bugs” and “Come Meet the Tractors.” We’ve built our own backyard rockets, learned all about moths, and tried to do origami. Price per family: $1!
  6. Sometimes, I simply need a break from my kids. There are times when all I want to do is lock the bedroom door, crawl into bed, and not be bothered by anyone. That’s when I browse the e-book catalog. My library has recently switched from Overdrive to 3M. While I don’t like that I now have to use my iPad for borrowed e-books, the number of e-books available has greatly increased. It’s easy to borrow a few books, give each a try, and then read whichever one strikes my fancy. What more could I want?





  1. Oh, this would be a hard topic for me to participate in. Why I love my library? I don’t! They never have the books I want, and for the three copies I would like to check out, there is a waiting list of several hundred. If you’re a Nora Roberts fan, our library is for you. Other than that…I think I’ll move to your town!

    • What a shame about your library. Granted, romance and popular crime novels make up the majority of my library’s books as well, but considering how small the library is, I am often pleasantly surprised by the books they have. So come visit… I have a spare library card to lend you. 🙂

  2. This makes me miss the days of being able to pick out books for my kids (and get it right!). These days it’s rare for me to get it right. They know what they want, and what they don’t want. At least, they want something. 🙂
    I also miss picture books. And story time at the library. I never thought those days would be over…
    Great post!

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