And that was March…

In March, as part of March Madness, I attempted to read more than usual. I had picked 11 books to read, although I thought that was very ambitious.

In March

As you can see, I finished 8 of them, which I consider a success. Four of the books were for the wonderful Reading Ireland event that had me looking up plenty of new-to-me books and authors. My favorite reads were The Hand That First Held Mine and The Country Girls.

Dracula slowed me down a bit and left me in need for a distraction. Somewhat unwisely, I started not just one, but several new books. I am 16% into Ekaterini, 36% into A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, 4% into West With the Night, and a couple of hours into the audio edition of Ghettoside. I have also started two library books: First They Killed My Father and How to Raise a Wild Child. So reading-wise, I would call my March Madness a success.

But I’ve also fallen off the #TBR20 horse. I was really doing well with not buying any books, but after loving The Hand That First Held Mine, I couldn’t resist a 4-for-3 deal that had me buying O’Farrell’s The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox and After You’d Gone, Helen Dunmore’s A Spell of Winter, and Ali Smith’s The Accidental. I’m contemplating extending my #TBR20 to #TBR25 to make up for it.

What’s ahead in April? For one, I want to finish all the books I’ve started. Karen at Books and Chocolate is hosting a Trollope event, so it’s time for me to read The Warden. I also want to get to Our Endless Numbered Days, so that I can participate in the lively discussion that is sure to take place at the Socratic Salon (not “Saloon”… when will I get that out of my head?) in the coming weeks.

What are your reading plans for April?



  1. Awesome job! You did great this month — I only just got through my 4th book. Did you like Dracula? I loved it at the beginning and was really disappointed by the end, curious to hear what you thought.

    • I was pleasantly surprised by Dracula. It’s not really my kind of book, but I ended up liking it. The ending was a bit anticlimactic, but I am glad that I finally understand all these vampire references. Four books is a great start after a serious reading slump!

  2. You had a great month, especially with the juggling of several challenges at the same time! I can’t to hear what you have to say about A Constellation. Sometimes I am amazed by how the books I want to read so badly just sit their in their pile while more and more books come in the mail or from the library – they must wonder sometimes if I am ever going to get to them! This now includes the Maggie O’Farrell book you read, as well as another one of hers that Cathy recommended. Too many good books!!

    • Oh, I know. I have so many books that I want to read right now, and sometimes it’s hard to pick the right one. And then others slide down the pile until you wonder how it could have taken you so long to read them. I’m looking forward to reading O’Farrell’s Vanishing Act this summer. And I am enjoying A Constellation.

  3. The Socratic Saloon might be even better, I think! Perhaps, the next time I pop over, I’ll bring a glass of wine…

    I have that same problem of starting several new books when I need a distraction, but then I end up in the middle of too many things and not able to focus on any one of them! For instance, right now I’m in the middle of… three? Four? And then I see a shiny new book I want to start *right now* and… ugh. It’s a struggle.

    Congrats on eight books finished in March! I hope April brings more good reading for you. 🙂

    • When the kids are asleep, I like to sit down with a glass of wine and read all the book reviews out there. That is partly to blame for the fact that I always want to read ALL the books. 🙂

  4. Well done!

    The language in Dracula is an obstacle in enjoying it really, but I rather had a nice time. Plus the vampires are indeed vile, which suits my mental image of vampires anyway.

    In April, I hope to finish the themed read of japanese literature. Right now I’m finishing Battle Royale and Hotel Iris follows.

    Aeriko @

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