Looking Ahead to Fall

We are back home from a wonderful week-long, late-summer beach vacation. As I wash the salt of my skin and the sand out of my hair, it is time to recap my summer reading and looking ahead to fall.

In June, I signed up to read 10 Books of Summer. I only read five of them, although I am two-thirds through The House of Mirth and have started The Lacuna. The reason five of the books I planned to read are still on my TBR pile is that I kept getting distracted by other books. In addition to the five books shown above, I also read these:

That’s 13 books all together, which is pretty good for me. My two favorites were To Kill a Mockingbird and All Quiet on the Western Front, with Annabel a close third.

In September, I plan to finish The House of Mirth and The Lacuna, and I signed up for the read-along of The Haunting of Hill House, hosted by The Estella Society. I also want to read My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You for the Literature and War Readalong hosted by Caroline. Even though the first week of September is already over, work will be busy, and there are two kids in school now, I think four books is an easy goal.



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