Read-Along: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

NorrellI’ve had my eye on this book for a while but at 866 pages, the length of it can seem rather daunting. (I am reading the e-book, and the progress bar goes all the way across the screen….) So I was happy to see a read-along mentioned on Yasmine Rose’s Book Blog. The read-along is hosted by Delia and Vishy and starts this Saturday. The book is divided into three volumes, so the read-along will take place over three weeks:

  • Volume I: Mr Norrell – review to be posted on 18th January
  • Volume II: Jonathan Strange – review to be posted on 25th January
  • Volume III: John Uskglass – review to be posted on 1st of February

Volumes II and III are pretty long, so I am a bit worried that I might not be able to finish them within a week, but I guess I just have to read quickly. (Who needs sleep???)

Looking at the first page, I think I will enjoy the tone of the book:

Some years ago there was in the city of York a society of magicians. They met upon the third Wednesday of every month and read each other long, dull papers upon the history of English magic.



  1. The size can be a bit daunting – my copy has over 1000 pages, but hopefully the book will be so good we’ll just forget about that.
    Glad to have you join us for the read-along. Are you ready to start?

  2. To be honest I started this book a while ago and gave up with it. I’m not sure if I just wasn’t in the mood or maybe the length (bought the paperback) was too intimidating but just couldn’t persevere. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.

  3. Yay, I’m glad you’re joining in on the read along! I’m a little scared by the length of the book as well but, from what I hear, it’s a really good book so shouldn’t feel too tiring!

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